This collection, I have made in collaboration with CODA Museum Apeldoorn and Het Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (World Museum ), the Netherlands. When starting this project, the participating designers visited the museum depot of the World Museum for inspiration. The designers were asked to each design a collection inspired by ancient jewelry that was worn for aesthetic purposes, or to give the wearer power or comfort.

I got inspired by non-Western body decorations and especially by their describing names, such as face-jewelry, leg-jewelry and hair-jewelry. It interests me how these describing labels connect jewelry and its placing on the human body directly. I decided to only look at the labels and make my own 3D interpretations of what these decorations could be like. This resulted in a series of suggestive jewelry, that may have been worn or could be worn in future times.


The collection consists of six objects, placed on the corresponding photo,
and multiple wearable brooches.

Year : 2017 
Material : silver, brass, flock, rubbercoating, photography

Measurements : perspex box, photo and object: 44 x 30 x 4 cm