suggestive jewelry

This collection is inspired by the museumdepot of Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, and is made in collaboration with the Coda Museum Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. 

‘Face-jewelry, hand-jewelry, leg-jewelry, back-jewelry, hair-jewelry’ - By only looking at the labels of the archives at the museumdepot, I could imagine what could be inside. It interest me how the names of these labels connect jewelry and its placing on the human body directly.

It differs per culture how and where jewelry is worn, and what is seen as jewelry. This enlarged the possibilities of the content of the drawers of the archives. Without opening them myself, the endless possibilities of what could be inside triggered my imagination. This resulted in a series of suggestive jewelry, that may have been worn or could be worn in future times.





The collection consists of six objects and multiple wearable brooches.
2017 / silver / brass / flock / coating / photography