The human body functions as a guideline for the design of products. The design of a product determines the manner in which we use and relate to that product. ‘The human body is a cliché’ shows a research on the role of design in the relationship between body and product, in order to challenge the body in its interaction with products. This research resulted in a performative installation. Reference points in the objects I have made, refer to the measurements of the body and clothing. They suggest wearability, while their simplistic signature and the inorganic materials, such as steel and plexiglass, contradict this.

By looking at the connection between body and product so broadly, I have extended my view on the wearable product. I am applying this research in current and future projects.




Year : 2015 
Material : steel, perspex, carpet, leather, silk, photography

Measurements complete installation : 220 x 500 x 200 cm