the human body is a cliché

In general, the human body is the guideline for the design of products. The design of a product determines the manner in which we relate to that product. Being inspired by the role of design in the relationship between body and object, I changed the familiarization between these two. By taking away these certainties, I challenged the body in its interaction with the objects. 

‘The human body is a cliché’ shows a research of wearability, a factor that connects body and object. Reference points in the designs of the objects I have made, refer to the measurements of the human body and allow wearability. The simplistic signature and the inorganic materials of the objects, such as steel and plexiglass, are used to contradict wearability. With this playful duality I visualize different possibilities in order to change the familiarization in the relationship between body and object.




2015 / steel / perspex / carpet / leather / silk