Moniek Vierling and I - two Dutch jewelry designers - teamed up with China’s Miao craftworkers to create a high-end jewelry collection, aiming modernization of the Miao’s traditional signature. Jewelry design within the Miao culture is taught from father to son. Their traditional signature is cherished, but also low on development.

With this collaboration, Moniek and I challenged the craftworkers in the design of contemporary jewelry, while cherishing their traditional techniques. At the same time, Moniek and I were challenged in presenting the Miao culture in a modern manner. Together we have created a collection in which traditional elements, such as fine filigree and contrasting rough chains, come together in a more simplified manner. Because of this, the beauty of the traditional signature becomes better visible.

This collaboration has been organized by Public Art Coordination Center Shanghai and Blendix Design Rotterdam in order to exchange knowledge between the two different cultures.

Year : 2017
Material : silver